Becoming a Clay Target Shooter

Contact your nearest clubs to see what is involved with clay target shooting and what coaching they can provide. Most clubs have provisions for non-shooters to come and try the sport, which may include the use of a loan gun. However, to shoot regularly you must obtain a firearms license and join a club. The Police issue firearms licenses . Click on the link to take you to the WA Police  Firearms Website which will have details on what you need to do to obtain a firearms license.

Once you have joined a club you can then participate in club shoots, practice days and any other shoots held by the ACTA affiliated clubs. Should you wish to buy a gun, members of the Committee of your local club can advise you on the type you require and where to purchase one locally. The WA Police  Firearms Website  will be able to tell you what the legal requirements are to buy and own a gun. 

Your club membership will include membership to both WACTA and the ACTA. When you join your club the ACTA will issue you with: 

  1. A shooters record book in which you will have recorded your shoot results from any Club, Zone, State or National competition shoot that you enter.
  2. An ACTA badge.
  3. A rule book for Trap, Skeet and Sporting shooting.
  4. A monthly copy of the Clay Target Shooting News, the official journal of the ACTA.

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