ISSF Trap (Trench)

ISSF Trap Layout ISSF Trap, or as it is more commonly known “Trench”, is best described as the Olympic Discipline of Down The Line. This style of shooting has a high degree of difficulty, is challenging and can be very rewarding. The ISSF Trap over each bracket of twenty-five (25) targets is a fair and equal competition, for at rounds end all competitors have shot at the equal style of targets. This layout is a five (5) pad system, but only 15 metres is used and set straight across the rear of the ground level trap house. Inside this trap house are 15 machines set in five (5) banks of three (3). Each machine being set to a predetermined height, angle and distance, called a program, varying from machine to machine.

In ISSF Trap the shooters are usually in a squad of six (6) and using a rotation system call for their targets by a voice activated microphone. This system is controlled by a computer that scrambles the target program so no individual can anticipate which target will be thrown. The target angle is unknown, 0 degree to 45 degrees, the heights varying 1 metre to 3.5 metres, set at 10 metres from the machines, and the distance thrown also varies 70 metres to 80 metres. With these factors making for a high degree of difficulty, two shots per target are permitted. A round of ISSF Trap is twenty-five (25) targets, but generally shot as competitions of 125 plus a 25 target final. As with DTL, squad members move across the five pads until reaching Pad five (5), and after emptying the gun then proceed around the rear path until reaching Pad one (1). Rotation is then restarted until the bracket of twenty-five (25) targets has been completed. The referee in this discipline indicates a hit target by silence and a missed target with a blast from a hooter. Targets may vary in colour but as a general rule are fluorescent orange.

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