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Silver Dolphin Underway

The 2019 Silver Dolphin is Under Way.

The first event for the Weekend was Won by Royce Normington, after a shoot off with Liz Pederick. This is Liz’s first Overall shootoff. Congratulations to both shooters on shooting the only possibles.

Saturday Morning saw the first event of the Carnival High Gun. 30 Point Score was won by Jamie Evans after a short Shoot off that went for 3 targets between 4 shooters.
The second event for the day, 60 DB was won by Bernie Biddulph. * shooters shot the possible, and Bernie prevailed with a well Shot 160/160.

The days events conclude. The High Gun Leaderboard is. J Currall 150/150, R Normington 149/150, K Smith, 149/150.
The Ladies Leader is K Smith 149/150, Veterans G Scott 145/150, Junior T kirkham 134/150.

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